The spectacular Garden of the Gods in Colorado.

The spectacular Garden of the Gods in Colorado.


I live in Illinois, but I grew up in Texas – so I am a native Texan.

I was a very shy child. Theater helped pull me out of my shyness.

I was a journalism major in college,  and worked in news as a News Producer.

As an intern, I interviewed someone on the White House lawn. No Joke. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

 After college, I traveled to Guatemala by myself. It was the most amazing experiences of my life. I LOVE to travel – especially international. You learn so much about people.

My family owns a couple of funnel cake booths at the State Fair of Texas. I go to Texas to help every year.

After working in news, I switched over to film and I worked on television commercials and feature films as a Script Supervisor. At that time, I was also a Telepromter Operator for Speakeasy Prompters. It was a super fun job because I traveled the world and helped executives with their scripts.

After my son was born, I joined a group of crazy, exhausted, incredibly passionate parents and started The Tulsa Children’s Museum from scratch. I was a founding board member and I have such love and respect for the other founding board members. We worked our butts off and gave this incredible gift to the community.

I am active in my son’s elementary school PTA. With a co-chair, I created a school garden, did the newsletter, worked on yearbook, and became PTA President.

I found Life Coaching through Accomplishment Coaching, the Cadillac of coaching training programs. I have the most incredible and supportive team. To be a better coach, I have my own coach and we all work together to build a better coaching community.

I LOVE being a Life Coach. In some ways it’s like being a mother. While I stand as the greatest cheerleader for my clients, I am tough. I call them out on things. Although, I find that my clients realize it’s for their own good. I’m not so sure that my son sees it that way!

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Allyson Jannotta and I am a Transformational Life and a Business Creation Coach. I started An Aha Life to bring Life Coaching to people like you. Yes, YOU!

I believe every human being on this planet can benefit from working with a Life Coach. You just need to be willing to open yourself up to the experience.

I work with clients from all over the world to clear the roadblocks to success and create a happier life. We work in a fun, safe environment as we focus on your true desires as you design your perfect life.

Are you interested in becoming a better YOU? I would love to schedule a free session to share the power of coaching. Email me at to set up a time to talk over the phone and book your FREE session.

At Storm Ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico with Pistol the donkey. Hee, Haw!

At Storm Ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico with Pistol the donkey. Hee, Haw!