Embrace Your Storm

Summertime is such a gift to all of us here in Arlington Heights - warmer weather, time at the pool, family vacations.  One of my favorite things to do in summer is just to lie in the grass and look up at the sky.

We get so caught up in our own busyness of life that we forget how vast the world is and how much possibility is out there.  It is as if we go through life with blinders like the horses wear on the track. And we only look in one direction.

I often hear clients tell stories about themselves that keep them in an unfulfilling job or an unhappy relationship. They put themselves down. “I’m not qualified for the position I really want.” Or they set up barriers. “I don’t have the time or the money to live the life of my dreams.”

But it is just like the quote from American Tibetan Buddhist, Pema Chodron who said “You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.”


The sky is a beautiful metaphor for the endless possibilities that you are capable of accomplishing. When you take off the horse blinders and see the wipe open spaces around you, imagine that big blue sky as a field of possibility.


But what happens when it rains? What do we do when the storms come in?


These storms represent the circumstances that hold you back in your life. But are they really holding you back?


The truth is, we need the rain because without rain, nothing grows. We learn and we grow through some of the biggest hurdles and obstacles that we experience in life. The key is to embrace the storms of your life and to not let them be the thing that holds you back.


One of the biggest storms I’ve had to face in my life is caregiving a parent with Alzheimer’s. This is a deeply sad and emotional thing to go through and when my father was first diagnosed, I would try to mask my feelings and hold back, quickly realizing that does not serve me.


By embracing this storm in my life, I stay in the moment, if it calls for tears, I cry. It may be a moment to reflect or just stay still with my dad.  I’ve learned to be with what is needed in the moment not looking forward or back. When I do this, I find that there are gifts – special moments with my dad, the relief of getting out my emotions and an expanding ability to be with situations.

So next time a storm comes into your life, embrace it, and watch yourself grow.



Allyson Jannotta