To Gain From Pain

“No pain, No gain!”


“No guts, No glory!”


You’ve seen it on fitness t-shirts and billboards. And if you are a fun-seeker like me, you may have even thought to yourself, “Ugh! Really? Sounds like a lot of work and all that pain is not for me!”


I always looked at pain in my life as a suffering or a negative. It was definitely something I would avoid. And it used to be that pain is the thing that took me out the game.


You could almost measure it like a math equation. My threshold for pain was equal to the point I would stop. Whether it was in exercise or pursuing a goal.


But what happens when we look at pain differently? As Author Glennon Doyle explains, we should run towards pain, not run away from it.


Sounds scary, but the best breakthroughs in life come after our biggest breakdowns. It is the place where we find those incredible ‘aha!’ moments.

Opening the door to pain will not be easy or comfortable. You may need to take an incremental approach, expanding your threshold to pain just a little bit more each day.

The good news about this is it gives you permission to be messy. Stop looking at perfecting yourself. This is a practice in un-perfecting or coloring outside the lines so to speak.

Success will no longer be measured by the amount of things you check off on your to do list. Instead, it will be measured by how much you’re willing to do that’s uncomfortable. And this is the path that will open you up to possibility.


Allyson Jannotta