Unwrapping Life's Little Gifts

I thought of a new t-shirt design. On the front there is a little stick figure out on a beautiful sunny day and another stick figure out on a beautiful wintry day. The caption underneath reads “Life is Good, But it Would Be Much Better if I Was THAT Guy.”

While my design is a bit snarky, there is truth to it. Rather than enjoying where we are, many of us get caught in the cycle of comparing and wanting more.  

It is as if “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones becomes a mantra of life. Grass is Greener. But is it, really?

I can’t help but think of the time I spent shopping for a house with my husband. It was our first home. We had a modest budget. After looking through a house, he would stand outside to survey the neighborhood, point at the much larger house across the street and say, “I want that one.”

While it is great to have ambition and want more, you can still enjoy where you are now. Many of us look back at the salad days as fond memories, when life was simpler. Have you ever visited that first home and reminisced about all the memories that were created there?

I remember a great piece of advice someone gave me when I was pregnant with my son. He said to enjoy every age and every stage of his life. Some ages (like the terrible twos) may be more challenging, but there are also gifts at each milestone. Look for those gifts and savor them, they don’t last forever.

This bit of wisdom can also be applied to where you are at work or where you are financially. Most of us don’t start a career at the top. There is a stepladder of success where we spend years building up our knowledge and our salaries. Think of the gifts that we have at the beginning of our career – the excitement and newness, the thirst for knowledge for more.

Looking for the gifts of each moment and savoring them is a practice that can be applied to all areas of life. Just remember to take a moment to unwrap these gifts, you may be surprised at what you will find.

Allyson Jannotta