What if Odell Beckham Never Heard of Football?

My son LOVES video games. He loves them so much that he talks about them when he wakes up, he begs me to let him play Minecraft after school and he grumbles when I have to tell him homework first.

He also loves football. He knows names of just about every player, trades football cards with his friends and is constantly talking about who is getting traded to what team.

So you guessed it – he’s pretty typical of today’s 10-year old boy.

At school, they were asked to do an independent research project where they each chose an open ended question to research and write a thoughtful answer. After much thought, my son decided on his question. 

“What if Odell Beckham had never heard of football”?

Of course my first thought was – “Who is Odell Beckham?” But thanks, to Google, I didn’t have to admit my ignorance.

Odell Beckham is a wide receiver for the New York Giants and is also my son’s latest favorite player. Apparently this guy is really good.

I love this question because it really gets you thinking about possibility. What if Bill Gates wasn’t alive during the technology boom?  Or what if Martin Luther King wasn’t around for the civil rights movement?

So I asked my son the question I’ve been pondering since our first Playstation, “What if YOU never heard of VIDEO GAMES?”

To my surprise, his response came instantly.

“I wouldn’t have been born. I just would have waited in your belly until they were invented.”

Lucky for me – and my belly – video games were invented. But his response really got me thinking. If Life Purpose is the thing you LOVE TO DO combined with WHAT YOU’RE GREAT AT and SOMETHING THE WORLD NEEDS, then what is your Life Purpose?

And if you were born at this time and this place for a higher reason, what would that be?

What will you do today for that purpose? If you don’t know it – will you take the time to discover it? And if you do, what ONE thing can you do to start living the life that you want?

If you not you, who? If not now, when? 

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