Hello, MY NAME IS... Allyson Jannotta.

I started An Aha Life and my coaching career in 2015 to help clients get out of their head and create super cool, amazing lives.

All humans live in a context or have limiting beliefs that hold us back from creating the big things that we want out of life.

For me, it showed up as not believing in myself, thinking that everyone else was better or smarter than I was and having no idea I had power.

When I started my coaches training program at Accomplishment Coaching in 2015, a master coach asked me:

“What do I do with my power?”

I remember my answer:

“Power, what power? I don’t have power.”

I was a nice girl who thought power was for people who were mean or arrogant. I fell in line and let life lead me instead of leading it.

Sound familiar? Or maybe your limiting belief is something different.

I did take risks earlier …

I was a News Producer, I was a Script Supervisor on films and commercials and I worked with Speakeasy Prompters in Dallas to help executives in corporate America look polished when giving speeches or in videos.

I loved that job because I traveled a lot. But I did see the inside of many companies and met a lot of unhappy employees. I was curious why people would choose to spend most of their precious time in jobs that make them so unhappy.

After my coaches training program, I was a Mentor Coach at Accomplishment Coaching and worked on a team to train other coaches.

My first five year of coaching, I worked one on one with clients and now I do workshops. I am a Certified Infinite Possibilities and I Believe in Me Trainer. And I am certified in the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. You can read my story on what lead to that under workshops on this website.


And finally …

I leave this last, but sometimes it is the thing that people find most interesting, I am part owner of two funnel cake booths at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas.

It is a family business that started over 30 years ago. I have many stories to share. You would not believe the things you learn at the funnel cake booth!


I love…

Telling stories, traveling and hanging out with my husband and son.


I love being a coach …

In some ways, it’s like being a mom. While I stand as the greatest cheerleader for my clients, I am tough. I call them out on things.

My clients realize it is for their own good. But I’m not sure that my son sees it that way! Maybe one day.

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