"Allyson Jannotta worked with me as I was going through a transition in my life. Actually it was three transitions at the same time, a potential change in employment, transitioning from single life to proposing and ultimately marriage as well as changes within my family. With all of this change looming overhead, Allyson was able to help me to focus on and manage each of these transitions by helping me to learn about myself. She showed me times when I would get in my own way and prevent myself from allowing the solutions to present themselves. Effectively I was self sabotaging and through talking with Allyson I was able to recognize those times and get out of my own way. Ultimately, she gave me cues to be able to recognize this on my own so I could learn to deal with life better and easier. I am grateful to Allyson for helping me learn to better manage stressful times and to come out shining when it feels as though you are about to be dragged through the dirt. 

It all started with a complimentary session to discuss what was going on in my life and she was immediately able to recognize what concerned me and provide insights as to what could make the situations better. After completing her program, I came away feeling like a new man with a positive outlook despite what challenges life would throw at me. My time with Allyson was worth every moment and every penny, I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn about how to make life easier for themselves or to learn to better deal with the challenges life brings.

Thank you Allyson!"

A Client


Allyson was... is... and will continue to be a shining star in the midst of anyone's darkness. I did not want to talk to anyone out of my own fears. Now looking back she was just what i needed someone to help me to understand my situation and to put it in to a goal orientated order. She helped to to achieve goals i did not think i could to or to fearful to achieve. If you have any question in your mind to talk to someone Allyson is EXACTLY what you need. I highly recommend Allyson she ROCKS!!! 

A Client 


"I'm so grateful for my time with Allyson. She's like a personal trainer for your soul. If you've ever worked with a trainer in a gym, you know how this goes. You probably don't need someone to teach you how to work out, but the trainer gives you tools to do it better and holds you accountable for trying - and is there to pick you up when you fall. 

Working with Allyson, I went from procrastinating on projects and beating myself up about it to just showing up and getting it done. I learned to tune in to the source of my resistance and take away excuses. I'm more relaxed and focused, and feeling full of possibilities. Thank you, Allyson!"

A Client 


"Allyson is a tremendous coach. My entire life has shifted from fear to a place of excitement, fun, joy and endless possibility. When we started working together I was in a career I hated, living a life that wasn't my own, bored with who I was becoming and forgetting what I was really passionate about. Since our time together, I have started a new career that I LOVE, started doing more art than ever before, reconnected with my purpose in life and taken the bull by the horns to move in with/cross country with a boyfriend. It's been a year this month that we started working together and I have literally transformed. She pushed me when I needed it and stuck by my side when I was not the easiest to work with. She has truly been a blessing and my angel over this past year. If you need a compassionate and dedicated coach who truly cares, she's your gal!

"I was looking to take my business to another level when I started working with Allyson. I was on a steady growth curve but felt I needed something more. Having invested in mailers and other forms of marketing with poor results, I decided to try coaching. Within 2 months I more then doubled my best months production. Also, my average monthly production numbers are up, steepening the growth curve substantially. This has been by far, the best investment I've made for my business and myself. I highly recommend Allyson's services."

A Client


"I've worked with Allyson on and off for 2 years now. As an independent sales rep,I was having difficulty really hitting big numbers/goals. My second month working with Allyson, I doubled my best month ever! Also, my numbers are consistently higher then they used to be. If you feel like you just aren't in the place you should be, be it work or personal, Allyson will help you get there."

A Client


"I've had the privilege of working with Allyson for over a year. She is an absolute delight to work with and is an inspiration to her clients and fellow coach colleagues.  This powerhouse coach walks the talk.  

She declares bold goals, takes consistent action that is out of her comfort zone and has fun with the journey as she grows her business, nourishes meaningful relationships and creates a healthy balanced lifestyle.  

As Allyson's mentor coach, I had the opportunity to review her coaching.  It is clear that she loves making a difference for her clients and that they benefit from her powerful questioning, humor and enthusiasm for what they are up to with creating their ideal lives.

I highly recommend reaching out to Allyson if this is the year for change in your life!"

My Coach


"Mrs. Jannotta and I have been working together for the past five months, and I could not be more pleased.  I am fairly new to the life coaching experience, and was skeptical of the process.  I became involved after talking with a close friend who had found success with a life coach and was tired of hearing me complain about the rut my life was in.  My friend suggested that I consider a life coach; a person that could assist me in organizing my goals and get me on the right track.  After taking his advice, I was paired with Allyson Jannotta.  Ms. Jannotta has provided me with tools that have forced me to go in depth as to why I have had difficulty achieving my goals.  Allyson’s calm, yet direct, style is never threatening; she simply nudges me in the right direction and I am able to find the best personal solution.  My life coaching experience with Allyson Janotta has been both rewarding and life changing.  I am still a work in progress, but, with Allyson’s expertise and my desire for a fulfilling life, I no longer can rely on the same old comfortable excuses that have hindered my success.  I now trust that my future is as full as I choose."

A Client


"Not only is Allyson an incredibly positive person, she's sharp and level-headed. She shares her passion for life with everyone she comes in contact with. Allyson just has a way of making you feel good about yourself while empowering you to become your best self."

A Colleague