We all have things we do that block our greatness ...

We may hear it as a voice in our heads:

“Why bother, he or she isn’t t going to like you.“

 “You aren’t experienced enough.”

 “You don’t deserve to earn more money.”

 “Go ahead and eat more, it won’t make a difference.”

 “No need to exercise today, I’ll start tomorrow.”

We may see it in the things we do.

  • Procrastination
  • Overeating/Not Exercising
  • Overreacting

Or maybe it’s how we are.

  • Afraid
  •   Shy
  •   Angry
  •  Controlling

What if someone said you can change that around?


  • Instead of procrastinating, you’re doing all those great things.
  • Instead of overeating and loafing, you’re living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Instead of overreacting, you have patience.


The possibilities that will open up for you.


  • Being happy.
  • Being satisfied.
  • Being fulfilled.

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What's in your way
A blocked path also offers guidance.
— Mason Cooley