5 Languages of
Appreciation in the Workplace

4 Weeks 60 minute Workshop for Businesses

The number one reason why employees quit is because they do not feel appreciated. Well meaning managers think they are showing appreciation through recognition programs that simply do not work because they are top down while appreciation is company wide.

Just as Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages has saved marriages, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace can save companies from losing good employees. In this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about the languages

  • Find out his/her own language

  • Find out co-workers/boss languages and discover how you can use this knowledge

  • Learn why appreciation is so important in the workplace

  • Everyone will discover their blind spot and learn how to overcome it

  • Have individual coaching sessions when needed



Have you ever had an argument about something that seems so petty, but it drives up so much emotion?

I am sure your answer is yes. Every human being does this.


When I was going through my coaches training program, my husband and I kept having these kind of arguments. They were heated and they were about things like loading the dishwasher.

I knew this wasn’t about the dishwasher. But what was behind this? Why was it making us both so upset to the point that we were at an impasse?


Thankfully, while I was going through my training with Accomplishment Coaching, we had relationship weekend and one of our assignments was to read the 5 Love Languages and take the quiz.

If you haven’t heard of it, the idea is that we all receive love in different ways and if your love language is different from your partner, it is like you are speaking two different languages and you can’t understand each other.

Tony and I discovered that we have different languages and once we started learning each other’s language, our communication improved and the arguments stopped. I am forever grateful for this book and knowledge as it has really strengthened my marriage.

Years later, I kept hearing a common theme from clients in my coaching practice.

They love the kind of work that they do in their job, but they don’t feel appreciated, so they want to quit.

It made me think of my experience with the 5 Love Languages and I discovered the business version: The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.

This was not just a common theme in my coaching practice, this is a common theme in corporate America.

Do you feel appreciated?

The number one reason why employees quit their job is because they do not feel appreciated.

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Because of my personal experience, I was passionate about teaching businesses the languages of appreciation, so I became a certified facilitator to teach Language Appreciation in the workplace.

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